How to Watch MLB Games Online For Free Live Streaming

Major League Baseball (MLB) is an American expert baseball association and the most seasoned of the significant pro athletics groups in the United States and Canada also. In total 30 groups play in Major League Baseball. Among theme 15 groups are in the National League (NL) and 15 are in the American League (AL). . Starting in 1903, the two classes coordinated however remained legitimately separate substances until 2000 when they converged into a solitary association drove by the Commissioner of Baseball. The alliance is settled in Midtown Manhattan. The league was founded in 1903, 118 years ago. Individually, The NL was shaped in 1876 and AL in 1901. Rob Manfred is the Commissioner of this league. The total team is 30 where 29 is from USA and rest one is from Canada. The Headquarter of MLB is in New York city, America. This league likewise administers Minor League Baseball, which contains lower-level groups associated with the significant class clubs. MLB and the World Baseball Softball Confederation together deal with the worldwide World Baseball Classic competition. MLB is the second-most affluent pro game alliance by income after the National Football League (NFL).


Right now MLB comprises 30 groups.29 groups are from the USA as home groups, and another is in Canada. In any case, presently the current coalition affiliation segments 30 gatherings into two social affairs of three divisions with five gatherings each.

AL Central

AL East AL West
Chicago White Sox Baltimore Orioles Houston Astros
Cleveland Indians Boston Red Sox Los Angeles Angels
Detroit Tigers New York Yankees Oakland Athletics
Kansas City Royals Tampa Bay Rays Seattle Mariners
Minnesota Twins Toronto Blue Jays Texas Rangers
NL Central NL East NL West
Chicago Cubs Atlanta Braves Arizona Diamondbacks
Cincinnati Reds Miami Marlins Colorado Rockies
Milwaukee Brewers New York Mets Los Angeles Dodgers
Pittsburgh Pirates Philadelphia Phillies San Diego Padres
St. Louis Cardinals Washington Nationals San Francisco Giants

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